Yearly policy briefs on regulation 2022

This is the second of a series of regulatory reviews in DECIDE. It provides insights on how the EU Member States' frameworks have led to a development of energy communities and collective actions.  It focus is on the DECIDE pilot countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany and Greece), but also information from other EU countries that were retrieved via interviews or via communication with DECIDE replicants (DECIDERs) are considered. Next to an overview of all EU 27 Members States’ transposition status, detailed insights into the DECIDE pilot countries are provided accompanied by an analysis of barriers. Barriers identified include issues related to data access and allocation of energy, limitations regarding grid access, fast-paced changes and inconsistencies in current legislation or immature flexibility markets. Overall, the policy brief concludes that energy communities are only one piece of a comprehensive EU package, the partial or selective transposition of elements of this package hinders energy communities and other collective actions to achieve their full potential.

Publication Date: 30 May 2022

Author: Andreas Tuerk (JR), Camilla Neumann (JR), Malgorzata Mątowska (THNK), Lucija Rakocevic (THNK), Elise van Dijk (THNK), Phillipp Hartmann (BAUM), Ludwig Karg (BAUM), Silvia Assalini (ICLEI), Claudia Winkler (JR)